Since 1992 Hendrik Gerjen Kamerman has been reviving the craft of Flemish weaving through his ‘Heritage Bags’ company. Back then he researched

the most popular traditional tapestry designs and gained a reputation for interpreting them beautifully through the jacquard weaving process. From this he lovingly produced beautiful bags, cushions, plaids, scarves, tapestries, and other artefacts, that allowed everyone to own or wear their own very personal piece of traditional Flemish art.

Since then Heritage Bags has moved on to produce its own contemporary as well as traditional fabric designs, all still woven on the loom in the traditional ways of the Low countries, with looms based in Flanders and taking advantage of weaving skills learnt from many generations of tapestry production. Hendrik is determined to help keep traditional culture and skills alive and is finding that people respond very well to the stories behind each of the products. His bags are all hand made, using 100% real leather and have a real provenance. They stand out as quality products that people are very happy to own and show off to others.

Heritage Bags is constantly striving to develop new ideas that bring a contemporary feel to a traditional craft. As such we work very closely with clients so they can produce their own range of beautiful products that visitors can take home and be proud to own. Much of our work is custom making products for gift shops for museums, churches, galleries and public gardens, as well as working with businesses to produce very special and unique business gifts. We practice sustainable environmental policies in everything we do and most importantly, we enjoy the challenge of working with clients to ensure they are not only proud to stock our products, but they also get a good return on them.